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City Tour

The Cathedral

Built between 1560 and 1664 with large blocks of red granite extracted from the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman, is one of the most impressive buildings of the city.

Qorikancha and Convent of Santo Domingo

The convent was built over the spectacular Qorikancha or Gold site, It was the most important temple dedicated to worship the sun, whose walls  were covered with gold sheets.


An imposing example of Inca military architecture, this fort was built with large blocks of granite to guard the city of Cusco from the invaders’ attacks.

Qenqo and Puka Pukara

Qenqo is a ritual site built on a unique outcrop limestone, with underground galleries and a semicircular amphitheater. Puka Pukara (red fortress in Quechua) is a military construction made up of stairways, terraces and large walls which are part of the defense system of the empire's capital


Also known as the Inca Baths apparently was a place to worship the water and rest of the monarch of the empire. Outstanding in its system of aqueducts, canals and cascades carved in stone, designed to channel water from a nearby spring.