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South Valley


This beautiful set of agricultural terraces, long stairways and channels carved on stone are located about 20 km to the south of city. Apparently, the site of Tipon was part of the real house of the Huaca Inca Yahuar, at the same time it was use for experimentation in agriculture.


Built during the peak of the Wari culture (500-900 AD) this large urban and ceremonial center of about 2 square kilometers of extension stands as a massive set of stone and clay structures concentrated on a hill overlooking the beautiful Lucre lagoon.  Pikillacta or Flea City is perhaps the greatest pre-Inca city in the region and its name is derived from the presence of many enclosures of only 4 square meters, which apparently were part of a military garrison.


One of the most beautiful colonial towns in the region, located at 40 km from Cusco. It has a beautiful square dominated by pisonay leafy trees and surrounded by old houses.

Its main attraction is its unique church, San Pedro of Andahuaylillas, built in the seventeenth century and considered as Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.